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A fatal passion








Monodrama in four scenes for soprano, flute and accordion by Laurence Traiger.


The legend of Romeo and Juliet


told from the perspective of Juliet


ACCORDING TO JULIET reveals Juliet’s emotional life in a fascinating and moving way.


Romeo and Juliet from a woman’s perspective


For his chamber music version of Romeo and Juliet, the composer Laurence Traiger of New York (*1956) uses excerpts from the original text of Arthur Brooke’s Romeus and Juliet, written shortly before Shakespeare’s birth.


Arthur Brookes’ 17-year-old Juliet seems more mature, with a more intensive emotional inner life, than Shakespeare’s Juliet, who is a child of fourteen.


Using this original text written in 1562 as a basis, and a subtle instrumentation comprising soprano, flute and accordion, the composer has created a moving and compelling, almost unearthly work.


Perceptions from the world of an infinitely beautiful yet hopeless love.



Beate von Hahn (Soprano)


Alessandra Warnke (Flute)


Stefanie Schumacher (accordion)



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Pressekritik zur Urauffürhung (352 KB)







Ensemble: Beate von Hahn - Sopran, Katharina Böhm - Flöte, Stefanie Schumacher - Akkordeon